PCB Design

We offer end-to-end innovative and leadig edge solutions to help corporations outperform their competition. Our engineers will discuss your requirements in detail, evaluating technical specifications to allow them to proceed accurately with your project. We have the experience required to consistently meet the highest standards in the industry.

Embedded soutions 

We develop innovative energy efficient engineering solutions, elecrical systems that are practical and cost optimized. End-to-end product design, hardware, firmware, PC based software interfaces with electrical and electromechanical components, Selecting the optimal combination between components.


As a versatile team with a set of skills able to integrate from a simple concept to an effective commercial product, we deliver the best solutions to our partners and clients. 
ThreeMode Team offers quick-turn assembly for prototype, small run and new products. Our assembly technologies encompass through-hole to fine pitch SMD parts.


Our vision is to provide outstanding innovative solutions. In addition to original equipment manufacturing printed circuit boards, we have experience in building quick-turn burn-in boards and demo boards assemblies. Having the option of manufacturig in both RoHS and non-RoHS settings give us the flexibility to service the widest range of industries.

We establish lasting partnerships between each business to provide engineering services to upgrade existing equipment or the design of new up to date electronic solutions,  to ensure that productivity is not stopped by technological failure. Our skilled engineers take tremendous pride in looking for solutions to improve component performance offering to upgrade services to improve failure-prone electronics through the use of newer, more reliable parts, or full circuit design/ redesign. You will never find yourself without support. We operate in hours and days rather than weeks and Months. Our object is to offer our valued customers the best possible support in the fastest possible turnaraund time at the lowest possible cost.We invite You to Contact Us at your convenience to discuss your Custom project in great detail.

Our skilled engineers have large experience in the following fields:

  • Experience with Analog design layout techniques
  • Experience with RF design layout techniques 
  • Experience with SMPS layout techniques
  • Experience with high-density/ high-speed layout techniques
  • Experience with low noise design and minimization of EMI/EMC
  • Experience with split analog/ digital designs
  • Experience with Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly and Design for Testability
  • Experience with Power Electronics layout techniques 

We never refuse a new challenge! As a competitive team, we thrive in developing and implementing technological solutions. We are always looking for new projects and challenges.