Light sign controller

The Light Sign Controller (LSC) is our programmable sign controller. It can control up to 10 channels of lights and is programmed with a simple application from any Windows PC.

LSC programmer

The programming is done with the following app:

Download software (.zip)


Video of installation process:

  • Extract the file.
  • Put the extracted folder “lsc” anywhere you want. Eg: “D:\”
  • In the folder “lsc”, double click on “create-shortcut.bat”. This will generate a desktop shortcut.

*in case you move the folder “lsc” you’ll need to run “create-shortcut.bat” again.

Video example usage


The 10 channels are represented by the light bulbs at the top.
By default all the channels are OFF.

By clicking on any one square, it will turn yellow which means that the channel is ON.
Example turning ON the 1st, 3rd and 10th channels:


Frames take the channel states and adds them to the final animation list.

First is the duration, which by default is 1 second. This field also accepts decimals with the minimal duration being 0.001 seconds or 1 millisecond.

Once you have the duration set you can:

  • “Add” – add a new frame, with the current channel states and duration
  • “Change” – change the currently selected one, with the current channel states and duration
  • “Delete” – delete the currently selected one, in which case the channels and duration set don’t matter

Frame list

Each frame added goes into this list.
Examples of empty list, and one with 10 frames added:

Each frame is represented by one line. In the second example picture the last frame is selected. When a different frame is selected by clicking on the desired frame line, the channel indicators (light bulbs) and the duration are automatically updated with the frame’s values.

If a frame in the middle is selected and you add a new one, the new one goes after the selected one.

Under the list there is the play button, that plays the current animation.


  • “Save” – when you’re finished with the animation, you can save it
  • “Open” – open a previously saved animation
  • “New” – disregard the current animation and start with a new empty one


To upload the animation to the controller you need to select the correct COM port. If you hadn’t already plugged in the controller and do it while the app is running it will auto detect it. The “↻” button reloads all port if auto detect has failed (does not select the correct one). When you have made sure that the correct one is selected click upload and the animation should get uploaded to the controller.


To program the LSC you will need an USB cable connected to USB converter that plugs in to he board.

For programming, 12V power supply SHOULD BE DISCONNECTED. During programming there is no output to channels, for output you need to connect 12V, AFTER DISCONNECTING THE PROGRAMMER.